Sunday, October 16, 2011

On Your Way

On Your Way

Before our eyes a world is unveiling,
Undressing herself for all to see.
Take to my waters and get sailing,
Go, she beckons, be free.

So together we must go,
Riding high upon your winds.
And only then truly know,
Where our world together begins.

Know no end
As you go your Way.
Like the rivers that bend
Toward her oceans someday.

Your past is a history,
One just like my own.
The future a mystery,
With a present to roam.

Journey this space,
And take with you too,
My blessings of grace
For the souls of your shoe.

To walk down paths untrodden,
Where no footprints may remain.
In the places all but forgotten,
Where history stays still, unchanged.

Be the mightiness of my mountains,
Know the vastness of my seas.
Drink from meandering river fountains,
With nature and all her needs.

And do tell others,
What you find along the Way.
So they too may tell their brothers
That the sun shines another day.

For heavy chains of living,
Have gotten so many down.
In this life forever giving,
From Heavens to the ground.

Oh! Stars of the night,
No one of you the same.
So many of you alike,
Falling, like countless drops of rain.

Who will live to see them shine?
In all their naked glory.
Who will live to take this time,
To write your own life story.

Yes! My world is yours for taking,
As much your own as mine.
This must never be mistaken,
For there is no other time.

Like the birth of a newborn,
These miracles will not wait.
To destiny it is sworn,
Perhaps you call this fate.

So go! Go now,
Take steps without hesitation.
For there is so much to show
Of this magical creation.

Know no end,
This path of one.
Like the river that bends
Under the slowly moving sun.

Rise in one place,
And set in another.
This world is your space,
Like arms of a mother.

Waves on the shore,
This world surrounding,
Is not to ignore.

May you travel light
And be lifted by the breeze.
Hold on tight,
Like the leaves on a tree.

And may you find your way,
When all seems lost.
To know that faith will not stray,
On my oceans it is tossed.

So settle down in motion,
Ride the waves to shore.
Set sail in this ocean,
'Till your soul can seek no more.

You will know too, when this time has come,
To drop your anchor into the seabed.
But for now the rivers run,
Like the dreams in your head.

So open your eyes,
Set sight on the horizon.
Avoid the perils and the lies,
Be as graceful as the sun rising.

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