Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hearts of Men

Hearts of Men

Singing softly sweet songs of love,
Safe is this sanctuary.
Warmth and guidance from up above,
The heart knows this sanctuary.

Mother, do these men know not what they have become?
Do they know not of the tide,
Or the warmth from the rising sun?

Have they forgotten what it feels like
To be greeted by the wind,
From hundreds of miles away,
To wonder where it may begin?

No mother, here all the stars have faded
And rivers have run dry.
Innocence has grown jaded,
And lost in a strangers eye.

They know not a place where they can go,
Back to the start.
To a river where sweet songs do flow,
Straight to a child's heart.

I fear mother for the hearts of these men
Who know not where it all began.
I fear mother that I see me,
In hearts of men that cannot see.

In a world unkind
Rough waters toss
Those trapped and blind
Where love is lost.

Oh' mother
They should have known.
Oh' poor Brother,
To go home.

So will you now not lift your head
When you have nothing to believe?
And then you may know before you're gone,
What sweet songs ride the breeze.

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